EAN/PNS* guideline on diagnosis and treatment of CIDP “strongly recommends” SCIg for CIDP maintenance19

Watch Dr. Peter Van den Bergh, lead author, take you through the EAN/PNS guideline highlights.

Dosing and Administration

hizentra vials

Self-administered Hizentra lets you plan treatment around your patient's life

Your patients are all different and deserve a treatment with the flexibility to fit their individual needs and preferences. Use the guidelines and dosing calculator below to initiate a patient's Hizentra therapy. Monitor the patient's clinical response and adjust the duration of therapy based on patient need.

Adjustable dosing offers greater flexibility when tailoring patient treatment to individual needs

CIDP dosing calculator

Calculate Weekly Dose
Please enter a value between 1 and 499.

Recommended dose is 0.2 g/kg or 0.4 g/kg
Please enter a value between 0.1 and 1.0.
Calculate Infusion Time
Weekly dose XX g (XX mL)
Volume per site
Number of infusion sites

Number of infusion sites


Number of sites cannot exceed 8 sites per infusion (per Hizentra Prescribing Information).
Please select a larger infusion volume or consider multiple infusion sites over multiple days.

Infusion volume

25 mL/site

Volume of infusions per site cannot exceed 50 mL (per Hizentra Prescribing Information).
Please select a higher number of infusion sites or consider multiple sessions over multiple days.
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Dosing Results
Infusion time*: XX hours and XX minutes Weekly dose XX g (XX mL)
Your results are based on a patient weight of XXX XX and dose of X.X g/kg

To see number of vials, select vial size:

1 g (5 mL)
2 g (10 mL)
4 g (20 mL)
10 g (50 mL)

Number of vials: XXX

*Infusion times can vary based on specific equipment used.

Formula used to calculate the weekly dose in mL from the patient's weight in kg:

Weekly dose
Weekly volume
Patient body weight (in kg)
× dose (0.2 or 0.4 g/kg)
= weekly dose (in g)
Weekly dose (in g) ×
5 mL/1 g = volume (in mL)
Sample weekly
dosing calculations
for an 80-kg patient
0.2 g/kg
0.4 g/kg
80 kg × 0.2 g/kg = 16 g
80 kg × 0.4 g/kg = 32 g
16 g × 5 mL/1 g = 80 mL
32 g × 5 mL/1 g = 160 mL

Initiate therapy 1 week after last IVIg infusion

  • Recommended subcutaneous dose is 0.2 g/kg body weight per week
    • A dose of 0.4 g/kg body weight per week was also safe and effective
  • If CIDP symptoms worsen on 0.2 g/kg consider increasing to 0.4 g/kg per week
  • Most patients remained relapse-free on either dosing option, with the 0.4 g/kg dose showing a lower rate of relapse*†
    • If CIDP symptoms worsen on the 0.4 g/kg dose, consider reinitiating therapy with IVIg
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EAN/PNS guideline recommends tailoring SCIg dose according to individual treatment response19

* CIDP relapse was defined as a ≥1-point increase in adjusted Inflammatory Neuropathy Cause and Treatment [INCAT] score compared with baseline. Statistical tests between the two doses were not conducted.

Proactively monitor and optimize therapy

  • Monitor the patient's clinical response and adjust the duration of therapy based on patient need
  • Volume and rate can be adjusted after initial infusion as tolerated, which may decrease infusion time and number of sites
  • Consider changing one variable at time (eg, rate, volume, ancillary supplies, site) to continue tailoring treatment for your patient
  • Hizentra may be infused in up to 8 infusion sites simultaneously, depending on volume

Administering Hizentra therapy

Administration volumes and rates for Hizentra (as tolerated)

CIDP weekly
Infusion parameters*
1st infusion
Subsequent infusions
Volume (mL/site) ≤20 ≤50

Rate (mL/hr/site) ≤20 ≤50
*As tolerated

Hizentra should be administered subcutaneously only. Do not administer intravenously. Hizentra can be administered weekly for CIDP in 1 or 2 sessions over 1 or 2 consecutive days, using an infusion pump and relatively small needle(s).

Hizentra Injection Sites
  • A Hizentra dose may be infused into multiple injection sites. Use up to 8 sites per infusion. More than one infusion device can be used simultaneously. Infusion sites should be at least 2 inches apart. Change the actual site of infusion with each administration
  • Recommended infusion sites include the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, or side of upper leg/hip
  • SC needles are smaller than IV needles. Depending on a patient's size and weight, a needle as short as 4 mm or as long as 14 mm can be used

See how easy self-administration can be with Hizentra

Self-infusing with Hizentra prefilled syringes

Self-infusing with Hizentra vials

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Encourage patients to start and stay on therapy

Information and resources are available to help patients manage their ongoing administration of Hizentra.

Managing therapy

Frequently asked questions about Hizentra

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