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Flexibility for Your Patients with PI

Hizentra allows flexible dosing—daily up to every 2 weeks

Self-administration with Hizentra gives you and your PI patients the freedom to choose:

Infusion calendar icon

How often your patients infuse

Infusion timing icon

How long the self-infusions take

Infusion dose icon

How much medicine is given per infusion

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How many infusion sites your patients use

Hizentra can address a wide range of patient challenges—with flexible dosing to fit patients' needs and preferences

Needs more freedom and flexibility

Experiences IVIg-related adverse reactions

Has venous access issues

Getting to IV infusions is inconvenient

Hizentra Patient: Sarah Sarah 45 years old | 165 lb (74 kg)

Why Hizentra?

  • She's a working mom who needs a flexible infusion schedule that can change to fit the needs of her busy life
  • Infusing when and where she wants allows her to complete her daily tasks and activities for herself and her family
Hizentra PI Dosing Calculator – freedom and flexibility
Dose: 10 g/50 mL
Infusion sites: 2
Time per infusion: ~1 hour
Using Hizentra every 10 days keep her Ig levels consistent vs IVIg
Hizentra Patient: Will Will 19 years old | 200 lb (91 kg)

Why Hizentra?

  • His IVIg dose of 40 g required a large volume for each infusion
  • Frequent infusions means less volume and time per infusion
Hizentra PI Dosing Calculator – IVIg-related adverse reactions
Dose: 14 g/70 mL
Infusion sites: 3
Time per infusion: ~1 hour
Using Hizentra weekly keeps his Ig levels consistent vs IVIg
Hizentra Patient: Rose Rose 65 years old | 146 lb (66 kg)

Why Hizentra?

  • No more difficulties finding a vein—or needing a port
  • Prefers an easy-to-remember dose, every 2 weeks
Hizentra PI Dosing Calculator – venous access issues
Dose: 16 g/80 mL
Infusion sites: 4
Time per infusion: ~48 minutes
Using Hizentra every 2 weeks keep her Ig levels consistent vs IVIg
Hizentra Patient: Kevin Kevin 7 years old | 55 lb (25 kg)

Why Hizentra?

  • Going to the IV clinic was a hassle, because he had to miss school and miss after-school activities for the infusions
  • Infusing at home with a caregiver means no more trips to the infusion clinic each month
Hizentra PI Dosing Calculator – inconvenient dosing
Dose: 1 g/5 mL
Infusion sites: 1
Time per infusion: ~12 minutes
Using Hizentra 2x weekly keeps his Ig levels consistent vs IVIg

Hizentra delivers consistent steady-state Ig levels vs IVIg9*†

Chart plotting Hizentra steady-state Ig levels vs IVIg every 4 weeks
 Reproduced from Wasserman RL, Melamed I, Nelson RP Jr, et al. Pharmacokinetics of subcutaneous IgPro20 in patients with primary immunodeficiency. Clin Pharmacokinet. 2011;50(6):405-414. With permission of Springer.  The weekly dose of Hizentra was 153% of the previous weekly equivalent dose of IVIg. *Comparison of mean (±SE) serum IgG concentrations with intravenous IgPro10 and subcutaneous IgPro20. Mean serum IgG concentrations measured at weeks 8–16 in the IgPro20 study are compared with mean serum IgG concentrations measured before and after infusion 7 for patients with a 4-week schedule in the IgPro10 study (data from 24 or 25 patients were available for all data points except day 28, when n=21). Mean IgPro20 dose was 202.3 mg/kg body weight; mean IgPro10 dose was 156.1 mg/kg body weight. SE=standard error. No difference in the clinical benefit of SCIg and IVIg serum profiles has been demonstrated by substantial clinical evidence or experience.

Clinical perspectives:
discussion of IVIg & SCIg

Carla Duff, ARNP, discusses the differences between each route of administration and how these differences are integral in customizing therapy for each patient's needs.

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