MyHizentra® Infusion Manager app

Under the direction of your prescriber, this app is the one‑stop shop to track infusions, get reminders, and record the details to share with your doctor.

Take advantage of a patient app to help you to stay on track with your therapy! The MyHizentra Infusion Manager is here to help simplify the infusion tracking process.

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Custom self-infusion reminders

Rather than just receiving a single reminder on a single device, the MyHizentra Infusion Manager app can send you reminders on all cloud-synced devices (desktop, laptop, mobile phone) as part of your regular calendar. This makes it easier to remember and keep to your infusion schedule.

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Flexible & designed with you in mind

Like Hizentra itself, the Infusion Manager app is flexible so it fits your lifestyle. Whether you are managing your infusions or those of a loved one, you can adjust the schedule and reminder times. You can even reschedule the infusion if you are aware of a conflict. Adjustments to your infusion schedule should only be made under your prescriber’s supervision.

Multiple users can access the app from one device, but each has a separate profile with customized schedules and preferences

Detailed record image

Keep a detailed record of every infusion

The app makes it easy for you to record your infusions, including scanning the QR code of each vial and giving you a place to write notes about each infusion. The infusion journal enables you to record the date, time, infusion sites, how you were feeling, any other medications you are taking, and other notes.

You'll be able to review your digital record of past infusions at any time, making it convenient to discuss your infusion experiences with your doctor during appointments.

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