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In adults with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy

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Patient Resources for Starting Hizentra

CSL Behring offers several ways to help you get patients started on Hizentra through the IgIQ program—a comprehensive resource center for healthcare providers and patients that offers financial assistance, patient support, and more.

See IgIQ Support for more details


With proper training, your patients can learn to administer Hizentra on their own. We offer useful tools that can assist you in their training and education.

Hizentra Self-administration Video

Share the Hizentra self-administration video with your patients to help them learn the step-by-step instructions on treatment preparation and proper infusion techniques.

Step-by-step Instructions for Self-administering Hizentra

Use this infusion guide when training patients to walk through each step of how to properly infuse Hizentra.

View the infusion guide
View the infusion guide

Nurse Locator

To help you find nurses in your area who are experts in teaching patients how to self-infuse Hizentra, we offer an online locator of nurses who have completed our SHARE Nurse Training.

Use our nurse locator

Hizentra Nurse Training

Become an expert and optimize patient care with nurse education and training on SCIg administration with Hizentra.

Go to the SHARE Nurse Training Center

Patient Tools

We offer highly effective tools to help patients start and stay on Hizentra. Talk to your Hizentra representative to learn more or to order materials.

Patient Welcome Kit

This kit provides important resources to help a patient start and stay on Hizentra. The Welcome Kit includes:

Order the Complete Hizentra Welcome Kit
  1. Voice2Voice Brochure
  2. Hizentra Patient Brochure
  3. Hizentra Step-by-Step Infusion Guide
  4. Hizentra Therapy Journal
  5. CSL Behring Assurance Brochure
  6. MyHizentra® Infusion Manager App Brochure
  7. Prescribing Information, including Patient Product Information
  8. Additional Information

Many components of the kit can also be ordered individually.

MyHizentra® Infusion Manager App

The MyHizentra® Infusion Manager application reminds patients when their next infusion is due, and helps them record details of each infusion for easier tracking.

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Adult Convenience Kit

A follow-up to the Welcome Kit, the Hizentra adult kit includes:

  1. Travel Bag to Hold Supplies
  2. Infusion Placemat
  3. IgIQ Support Services Brochure
  4. Pen, Hot/Cold Pack and Hand Sanitizer

Child Convenience Kit

The Hizentra kit for children includes the items in the adult kit plus:

  1. Our Immune System Storybook
  2. ZeeZee the Chimp & Therapeutic Play Pack
  3. ZeeZee's Therapy Journal
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