Explore the many videos available, including real people with PI and CIDP discussing their experiences, Hizentra treatment, and useful support services, as well as videos describing the self-infusion process.

Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Videos

A trained nurse and patient advocate discuss Hizentra for PI

  • Carla Duff & Carl talk about their experience with Hizentra
  • The differences between Hizentra and IVIg
  • Reasons why patients may prefer Hizentra


  • IVIg-related systemic side effects
  • Venous access issues with IVIg
  • Adjusting Hizentra dosing

Eric & Daniel

  • Caring for a child with PI
  • Time and logistical issues with IVIg
  • Flexibility and convenience of self-infusing


  • Dealing with constant infections
  • Getting diagnosed with PI
  • Initial reaction to diagnosis


  • First treatments after diagnosis
  • Costs of IVIg-related systemic side effects
  • Discovering self-infused Ig

Traci & Ben

  • Caregiver's perspective on self-infusing
  • Reasons for transitioning from IVIg to Hizentra
  • Traveling with Hizentra


  • Finding your preferred dosing regimen
  • Ease of switching dosing routine
  • Effect of dosing adjustment on Ig levels

Janet (Jacob's Caregiver)

  • Jacob's new future with Hizentra
  • Convenience of Hizentra
  • Reducing the impact of PI on Jacob's life

Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) Videos

A trained nurse and patient advocate discuss Hizentra for CIDP

  • Carla Duff & Stephanie talk about their experience with Hizentra
  • How Hizentra works and how it’s different from IVIg
  • Patient perspectives on the benefits of Hizentra


  • Venous access issues with IVIg
  • Learning how to self-infuse
  • Benefits of infusing at home or on the go


  • Benefits and limitations of IVIg
  • Scheduling and systemic side effect issues with IVIg
  • Consistent treatment experience with SCIg

Dr. Vu & Appolos

  • A doctor and patient discuss Hizentra
  • How Hizentra may help address patient issues
  • Support programs available to help patients

Support Services Videos

The majority of Hizentra patients with commercial insurance pay $0 out-of-pocket

Here to help you get started: 1 month of free medicine, infusion equipment, and in-home nurse training

CSL Behring Assurance is a program that can help eligible patients continue to receive treatment even if you experience a lapse in third-party private health insurance

Self-infusion Videos

Self-infusion of Hizentra made easy: Ready...Set...Go

Get step-by-step detailed instructions on how to self-infuse Hizentra

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