Explore the many videos available, including real people with PI discussing their experiences, Hizentra treatment, and useful support services, as well as videos describing the self-infusion process.

Primary immunodeficiency (PI) self-administration videos

Learn how to self-infuse with Hizentra prefilled syringes

Learn how to self-infuse with Hizentra vials

Learn from healthcare professionals about Hizentra

A trained nurse and patient advocate discuss Hizentra for PI

  • Carla Duff & Carl talk about their experience with Hizentra
  • The differences between Hizentra and IVIg
  • Reasons why patients may prefer Hizentra

A clinician's perspective on Hizentra prefilled syringes

Dr. Beth Younger, M.A., Ph.D., discusses benefits prefilled syringes can offer, and her patients' own experiences with this latest innovation for Ig

Learn from real people who use Hizentra


Melaine discusses leaving IVIg for the benefits of adjusting dosing

Eric & Daniel

Eric and Daniel share their struggles with PI and IVIg–and the ease of self-infusing


Lynne relays the burdens of always getting sick–and finally getting diagnosed


Melaine explains the toll of IVIg-related side effects–and finding Hizentra

Traci & Ben

Traci and Ben convey the freedom Hizentra gives to the patient and caregiver


Lori shares advice on adjustable dosing and finding what fits

Janet (Jacob's Caregiver)

Janet gives the caregiver perspective on her self-infusing son's bright future

Learn about the support available for Hizentra patients

The majority of Hizentra patients with commercial insurance pay $0 out-of-pocket

Here to help you get started: 1 month of free medicine, infusion equipment, and in-home nurse training

The Assurance program can help eligible patients continue to receive treatment even if you experience a lapse in third-party private health insurance

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