Voice2Voice: Helping those with PI or CIDP connect with each other

With Voice2Voice, you're not alone. This unique program from CSL Behring connects you live over the phone with another member of the community who can share their personal story of what it's like to live with their condition and experience Hizentra therapy.*

Just call Hizentra Connect at 1-877-355-4447 to connect with someone, or sign up online.

* Voice2Voice advocates are not healthcare professionals or medical experts. For medical questions, please contact your physician. Voice2Voice advocates are compensated by CSL Behring LLC for their time and/or expenses.

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Get the guidance and support you need. Call Hizentra Connect at 1-877-355-4447 Mon–Fri, 8 AM–8 PM ET. Sign up online

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chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy


primary immunodeficiency

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