For pediatric* and adult patients with primary humoral immunodeficiency

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*Age 2 and older.

Hizentra is indicated for the treatment of primary immune deficiency (PI) in adults and pediatric patients 2 years and older.

Discover the latest innovation in Ig

Hizentra is the first and only Ig available in prefilled syringes

Do your PI patients have challenges with their Ig therapy?

Consider Hizentra for patients with PI who:

Hizentra Patient: Marie

Have venous
access issues

Hizentra Patient: Ian

Experience IVIg-related systemic ARs

Clinical Challenges

Hizentra Patient: Sara

Want more freedom
and flexibility

Hizentra Patient: Anthony

Find IVIg infusions inconvenient

Lifestyle Burdens

Photos do not depict actual patients


  • Wife and mother of 6 children
  • Daughter's PI diagnosis led to her own 8 years later
  • Enjoying the convenience of Hizentra prefilled syringes

Important information for healthcare professionals

Below are areas you may find especially helpful when providing Hizentra to your patients.

Voluntary withdrawal of specific Hizentra vial lots.

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