What makes Hizentra unique for CIDP treatment?

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Choose where you infuse

You and your doctor can decide where you can infuse, and you won't have to adjust or cancel your plans due to IV infusion appointments.

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Ig without the IV

You infuse Hizentra just under the skin, not into a vein, after training from your doctor. This means another option for people who need a port, or who are having trouble finding a vein or keeping their veins healthy.

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Fewer systemic side effects

In clinical trials, people reported fewer systemic side effects (like headache and nausea) per infusion with Hizentra than with IVIg. With Hizentra, the most common side effects were redness, swelling, itching, and/or bruising at the infusion site; headache; chest, joint or back pain; diarrhea; tiredness; cough; rash; itching; fever, nausea, and vomiting. These are not the only side effects possible.

Subcutaneous Ig is strongly recommended by EAN/PNS* medical guideline for CIDP maintenance

* The European Academy of Neurology (EAN) and Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) are two independent, international organizations of scientists, physicians, and other healthcare providers working together to investigate and treat neurological conditions and promote excellence leading to better care and outcomes.

Phone Support

Clinical Nurse Education

Join today for personalized support on your medication journey. This includes helping you get your Hizentra, explaining the self-administration process, and linking you to additional financial and other important resources.

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The Hizentra Experience for CIDP

The Hizentra Experience for CIDP


  • CIDP diagnosis took many years
  • Switched to Hizentra after developing venous-access issues with IVIg; did not want to have a port
  • Celebrating empowerment and freedom with Hizentra prefilled syringes
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To connect with a patient advocate who can answer your non-medical questions about living with CIDP, call Hizentra ConnectSM at 1-877-355-4447 Mon–Fri, 8 AM–8 PM ET

Patient advocates are not healthcare professionals or medical experts. For medical questions, please contact your physician. Patient advocates are compensated by CSL Behring LLC. for their time and/or expenses.

Join us for a free, live educational program for people with CIDP and their caregivers!

These programs feature a presentation from a trained nurse and stories from a patient just like you.

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