Premier StartSM Trial Program: Here to help you get started

If you and your doctor have decided you're ready to start Hizentra, you may be able to get a 1‑month supply of medicine, infusion equipment, and nurse training for free.

Learn about Premier Start from real Hizentra patients

What do I get when I join?

1 month icon

1 month free

A 1-month supply of Hizentra

Free supplies icon

Free supplies

Infusion supplies like tubing, needles, and a pump

Free home training icon

Free home training

At-home visits by a trained nurse who will teach you how to infuse Hizentra

What should I expect?

Your doctor will request a free trial for you, after which you will receive phone calls from:

  • An IgIQ® representative who will help coordinate your free trial request
  • CSL's trial dispensing pharmacy, which will ship your free trials and supplies
  • A Premier Start nurse who will come to your home or doctor's office to teach you how to self-infuse

Please make sure you take all 3 calls to facilitate timely delivery and training at no cost to you.

For more information, talk to your doctor or call IgIQ at 1-877-355-IGIQ (4447) Mon–Fri, 8 AM–8 PM ET.

Important things to know

  • You can stop taking Hizentra at any time and have no obligation to continue your Hizentra treatment after the Free Trial Program has ended. The free trial of Hizentra is valid for one time only with no refills. If you want to keep taking Hizentra, your prescriber will write a prescription and refer you to a Specialty Pharmacy to continue your Hizentra therapy
  • Premier Start's nursing partners require that patients have an epinephrine autoinjector (eg, EpiPen) available in order to receive infusion training
  • Your first several infusions may take longer than your later infusions. You can discuss with your doctor the infusion time that works best for you
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