Considering or preparing to start Hizentra?

If you don't yet have a prescription for Hizentra, you should first talk to your doctor to make sure that Hizentra is right for you.

Doctor Discussion Guide

Discuss Hizentra with your doctor today, using the Hizentra Doctor Discussion Guide.

Download PI Doctor Discussion Guide
Download CIDP Doctor Discussion Guide

Hizentra Brochure

Learn more about PI or CIDP, how Hizentra differs from IVIg and how it works, and how you can get started on Hizentra.

Download PI Brochure for Hizentra
Download CIDP Brochure for Hizentra

Once you have taken that first important step, follow this simple checklist:


Make sure you are covered financially


Receive your infusion equipment

  • Your nurse or specialty pharmacy will provide the necessary equipment to infuse Hizentra. Supplies include but are not limited to: an infusion pump, syringe and needle, plastic tubing, container for syringe disposal, sterile gauze pads, and alcohol pads
  • If you sign up for the Free Trial, you may be able to receive a 1-month supply of Hizentra and infusion equipment at no cost to you, plus free at-home visits by a trained nurse to help you learn to infuse
See what the Free Trial has to offer
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Free Trial


Attend training for self-administration

  • Your doctor or nurse will teach you how to infuse Hizentra over the course of several weeks. Make sure you're comfortable with the process before doing your own infusions
Learn how to self-infuse
Hizentra self administration materials

Review all necessary materials from your Welcome Kit before infusing

  • Therapy Journal
  • Infusion Mat
  • FAQ for Hizentra
  • Support Services Brochure
  • Travel Brochure
  • The Hizentra App Brochure
  • USB Drive with additional resources
Order your Welcome Kit
Hizentra Patient Welcome Kit

Download the Hizentra app

  • The Hizentra app lets you easily schedule infusion reminders to help keep your therapy on track. The app also allows you to scan your Hizentra label(s) and record infusion details to create a detailed record you can share with your doctor to monitor your therapy and tailor your treatment plan to better meet your needs

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View information about Hizentra for:


chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy


primary immunodeficiency

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