Freedom and Flexibility for Your Patient with PI

Hizentra fits your patient’s lifestyle—with dosing from daily to up to every 2 weeks, the ability to choose where and when to infuse, and the only Ig prefilled syringes.

Hizentra lets you and your PI patients personalize their self-infusions by choosing:

Infusion calendar icon

How often
your patients infuse

Infusion timing icon

How long
the self-infusions take

Infusion dose icon

How much
medicine is given per infusion

Infusion site icon

How many
infusion sites your patients use

Insights from a CSL-sponsored Harris Poll survey*

Almost all PI patients surveyed agreed that flexibility and options are important in personalizing Ig treatment1

*Online survey of 104 US adults with PI who have ever received IVIg (n=65), SCIg in glass vials (n=65), and/or SCIg in prefilled syringes (n=33).

94% strongly/somewhat agree


Prescribe proven protection with a first and only for Ig—Hizentra Prefilled Syringes

Simple, convenient, and ready to use

  • May reduce steps and effort vs vials
  • Wide range of sizes to meet patient needs
  • Select sizes are directly compatible with common infusion pumps
    • — All sizes can be transferred to a pump syringe using a syringe-to-syringe transfer device

†4 g directly compatible with FreedomEdge® and VersaPump®. 10 g directly compatible with Freedom60® and SCIg60®.2-4 FreedomEdge® and Freedom60® are registered trademarks of KORU Medical Systems, Inc. VersaPump® and SCIg60® are registered trademarks of EMED Technologies Corporation. CSL Behring does not recommend or endorse specific infusion pump brands.

Hizentra prefilled syringes

Available in 1 g, 2 g, 4 g, and 10 g—the largest size ever for Ig

Hizentra prefilled syringes sizes

Insights from a CSL-sponsored Harris Poll survey

Satisfaction with SCIg in prefilled syringes was high among patients surveyed1

At least 97% were very/somewhat satisfied with
  • Ability to personalize treatment
  • Overall convenience
  • Overall ease of administration
  • Ability to fit treatment into their lifestyle

Most SCIg prefilled syringe patients reported a favorable treatment experience1

Less setup and preparation time than reported by vial patients

Of patients surveyed who used prefilled syringes and vials,
86% preferred SCIg in prefilled syringes over SCIg in vials (n=7)1||

‡In an online survey, at least 32 of 33 people with PI who self-infused Ig in prefilled syringes were very/somewhat satisfied with all measures mentioned.

§Defined as total time from opening package to turning on infusion pump, including Ig transfer from vial(s) or prefilled syringe(s) into pump syringes.

||Qualified respondents with PI who have used both SCIg in glass vials and SCIg in prefilled syringes (n=7).


Explore tools and information to help you tailor treatment to individual patient needs

Dosing calculator

Hizentra ConnectSM

Find support and training programs to help make Ig therapy accessible and affordable for patients

Hizentra Connect support


Explore volumes, rates, and other information to help your patients self-administer Hizentra

Administration guidance
References: 1. Data on File. Available from CSL Behring as DOF HIZ-013. 2. Data on File. Available from CSL Behring as DOF HIZ-017. 3. Freedom60® Infusion System Instructions for Use. KORU Medical Systems. 2023. 4. FreedomEdge® Syringe Infusion System Instructions for Use. KORU Medical Systems. 2023.
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