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Support programs to help make Ig therapy accessible and affordable

Hizentra ConnectSM provides the resources healthcare providers and patients need for consistent access to immune globulin (Ig) therapies from CSL Behring. Discover all of the ways we can help.

Self-administration assistance for your patients

With proper training, your patients can self-administer Hizentra—so you can plan treatment to fit their lifestyle.

See how easy self-administration can be, and review administration options. Plus, find downloadable resources and step-by-step videos to help your patients.

Hizentra self-administration assistance for patients

Patient kits

We offer highly effective tools to help patients start and stay on Hizentra. Talk to your Hizentra representative to learn more or to order materials.

Patient welcome kit

The kit provides resources to help patients reach their goals and take control of their Ig treatment.

Patient Welcome Kit
  • Get Started by learning more about Hizentra and self-infusions
  • Track Their Treatment while infusing
  • Receive information on Financial Support for your patients

Child convenience kit

This Hizentra kit for children includes the items in the adult kit plus:

Hizentra Child Convenience Kit
  • Our Immune System Storybook
  • ZeeZee the Chimp & Therapeutic Play Pack
  • ZeeZee Therapy Journal
Hizentra App

Presenting the Hizentra App

The Hizentra app lets your patients:

  • Scan and track infusion details—and share their infusion history with you
  • Get reminders for scheduled infusions
  • Enroll directly into patient support programs
  • Add favorites and create notes to share with you

The app provides a clearer understanding of your patients’ infusion history, which can help you adjust treatment as necessary.

Existing MyHizentra® Infusion Manager app users will automatically transition to the Hizentra app when they update their app.

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Nurse Locator Icon

Nurse locator

To help you find nurses in your area who are experts in teaching patients how to self-infuse Hizentra, we offer an online locator of nurses who have completed our SHARE Nurse Training.

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Specialized nurse training for Hizentra

Become an expert and optimize patient care with nurse education and training on SCIg administration with Hizentra.

Patient brochures for PI and CIDP

Help patients learn about PI or CIDP and how you can work together to plan when and where they infuse around their life, instead of planning life around treatments. Order the Hizentra brochure for PI or CIDP.

Hizentra Child Convenience Kit
Hizentra Child Convenience Kit

Free, live educational programs for your patients and their caregivers

These programs include live events and webinars—featuring a presentation from a nurse educator who treats patients who use Hizentra.

Find in-person events and webinars for your patients
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