Continued Treatment After Insurance Loss

This program can help eligible patients continue to receive treatment even if you experience a lapse in third-party private health insurance.

Easy to enroll

  • Enrollment is free
  • Simply contact your Hizentra Connect Coordinator

Easy to use

  • After enrollment, automatically earn a point for every consecutive month you use Hizentra
  • Hizentra Connect will track your point total as you go
  • If you suffer a lapse in your insurance, simply contact a Hizentra Connect Coordinator, who will send you a month's supply for every 3 points you have accumulated

*Enrollment required. Subject to terms and conditions. For the Assurance Program, click here.

Hear how this program can provide free Hizentra during a lapse in insurance

For more information, talk to your doctor or call Hizentra Connect at
Mon–Fri, 8 AM–8 PM ET.
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