CIDP therapy that fits your life

Convenient dosing lets you plan treatment around your life, instead of planning your life around treatment.

Self-infusion of Hizentra made easy:

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Adjustable dosing to meet your needs

Hizentra offers adjustable dosing, so be sure to frequently update your doctor about how you're feeling so your doctor can personalize your treatment and identify the dose that works best for you.

You and your neurologist can create your Hizentra dosing schedule based on:

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Your routine

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How long infusions

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How much medicine per

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How many infusion

Convenient weekly dosing

Infusions with Hizentra usually take about 1–2 hours per week. Select an example patient to learn more.

Clinical Challenges

Primary Immunodeficiency Patient - James

Experienced IV-related systemic side effects

James 45 years old | 210 lb (95 kg)*

Primary Immunodeficiency Patient - Alice

Suffered through difficulty finding a vein

Alice 80 years old | 165 lb (75 kg)*

Lifestyle Burdens

Primary Immunodeficiency Patient - Miguel

Found frequent IV infusions to be inconvenient

Miguel 55 years old | 176 lb (80 kg)*

Primary Immunodeficiency Patient - Allison

Wanted flexibility, freedom, and control

Allison 40 years old | 154 lb (70 kg)*

James is a software developer with a wife and teenage daughter. After hearing about the multiple systemic side effects (like headache and nausea) James experienced after every IVIg infusion and how they affected his work and family life, his doctor decided to put James on Hizentra. He finds time every weekend to relax at home and infuse his Hizentra.

Flexible infusion schedule chart

Dose: 19 g/95mL

Rate of infusion: 40 mL/hr/site

Infusion sites: 2

Time per infusion: ~1 hour and 10 minutes

Based on a dose of 0.2g/kg.

Flexible infusion schedule chart

Alice is a retired engineer who leads a quiet and relaxed life. She was tired of nurses not finding her veins and didn't want a port put in, so she talked to her doctor and started Hizentra. She now infuses at home once a week with the assistance of her caregiver.

Flexible weekday infusion schedule chart

Dose: 15 g/75mL

Rate of infusion: 30mL/hr/site

Infusion sites: 2

Time per infusion: ~1 hour 15 minutes

Based on a dose of 0.2g/kg.

Flexible infusion schedule chart

Miguel is an artist and part-time teacher who required frequent IV infusions to manage his disease. His frequent trips to the IV clinic were also a hassle. So he asked his doctor about Hizentra. They decided self-infusing at home on his own schedule was right for him. More frequent infusions mean less volume per infusion, letting him infuse in just about an hour.

Twice weekly flexible infusion schedule chart

Dose: 32 g/160mL (2 sessions over 2 days)

Rate of infusion: 40mL/hr/site

Infusion sites: 2

Time per infusion: ~1 hour

Based on a dose of 0.4g/kg.

Flexible infusion schedule chart

Allison is a working mother with 3 young children. After talking with her doctor, she chose Hizentra so she could fit her infusions around her busy work and home schedule. Allison asked her doctor about appropriate places to infuse, and now she can decide where and when she self-infuses. She needs a dosing schedule that won't get in the way of work and taking care of her kids.

Once weekly flexible infusion schedule chart

Dose: 28 g/140mL

Rate of Infusion: 45 mL/hr/site

Infusion sites: 3

Time per infusion: ~1 hour

Based on a dose of 0.4g/kg.

Flexible infusion schedule chart

*Rate of infusion and number of infusion sites in these hypothetical case studies are based on recommended rate and volume per site of subsequent infusions.

 Photos do not depict actual patients.

Convenient self‑infusions for CIDP

Convenient self‑infusions for CIDP


  • Diagnosed with CIDP 12 years ago
  • Started Hizentra after years of every 28-day IVIg
  • Living a more convenient life
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