Personalize a treatment plan with your doctor that works for you–spend less time infusing so you can get back to everyday living

Convenient dosing and administration options let you plan treatment around your life, instead of planning your life around treatment.

You and your doctor or pharmacist can select your Hizentra routine based on:

Infusion schedule

How often you infuse

Infusion take

How long infusions

Medicine per infusion

How much medicine per

Infusion site for primary immunodeficiency

How many infusion


Discover proven protection with a first and only for Ig—Hizentra Prefilled Syringes

Simple, convenient, and ready to use

  • Simplifies infusion preparation vs vials
  • Wide range of sizes for your individual needs
  • Select sizes are directly compatible with common infusion pumps
    • All sizes can be transferred to a pump syringe using a syringe-to-syringe transfer device
Hizentra Prefilled Syringes; available in 1 g, 2 g, 4 g, and 10 g–the largest size ever for Ig

Available in 1 g, 2 g, 4 g, and
10 g—the largest size ever for Ig

Insights from a CSL-sponsored Harris Poll survey* Satisfaction with prefilled syringes was high

At least 97% were very/somewhat satisfied with the ability to personalize treatment, overall confidence, overall ease of administration, and/or the ability to fit treatment into their lifestyle
  • Ability to personalize treatment
  • Overall convenience
  • Overall ease of administration
  • Ability to fit treatment into their lifestyle

* In an online survey, at least 32 of 33 people with PI who self-infused Ig in prefilled syringes were very/somewhat satisfied with all measures mentioned.

See how Ig infusions can be simpler and more convenient

View instructions and videos about self‑administering Hizentra 

Hear a clinician’s perspective on prefilled syringes

Dr. Beth Younger, M.A., Ph.D., talks about the benefits prefilled syringes can offer you, and her own experience with this Ig innovation in her practice.

Choose a patient to see how Hizentra
helps answer their treatment burdens

Clinical Challenges

Primary Immunodeficiency Patient - Marie

Has venous access issues

Marie 55 years old | 146 lb (66 kg)

Primary Immunodeficiency Patient - Ian

Experiences IVIg-related adverse reactions

Ian 46 years old | 200 lb (91 kg)

Lifestyle Burdens

Primary Immunodeficiency Patient - Sara

Wants more freedom and flexibility

Sara 33 years old | 165 lb (74 kg)

Primary Immunodeficiency Patient - Anthony

Finds IVIg infusions to be inconvenient

Anthony 20 years old | 180 lb (82 kg)

Marie is a grandmother of three who enjoys baking, knitting, and playing cards. Marie's veins were in poor shape after years of IVIg, so she talked to her doctor and decided to start Hizentra. Marie finds it easy to remember to infuse every 2 weeks and prefers the convenience of using Hizentra prefilled syringes.

Once twice weekly infusion schedule chart

Dose: 16 g/80 mL

Infusion sites: 4

Time per infusion: ~48 minutes

Once twice weekly infusion schedule chart

Ian is a marketing professional who loves to read in his free time. His previous IVIg dose of 40 grams required a large volume for each infusion that made him uncomfortable at times, so he spoke with his doctor and decided to try more frequent doses with Hizentra. Infusing once a week means less volume and time per infusion for Ian.

Weekly infusion schedule chart

Dose: 14 g/70 mL

Infusion sites: 3

Time per infusion: ~1 hour

Weekly infusion schedule chart

Sarah is a working mom with 2 kids who doesn't have much spare time. She spoke to her doctor and switched to Hizentra because she needs an infusion schedule that offers flexibility and freedom to fit the needs of her busy life. Sara uses prefilled syringes since they may simplify infusions, removing the need to draw from a vial.

Flexible bi-weekly infusion schedule chart

Dose: 10 g/50 mL

Infusion sites: 2

Time per infusion: ~1 hour

Flexible bi-weekly infusion schedule chart

Anthony is an active college student who enjoys sports and video games, and recently transferred to a new campus. The new distance from his IV clinic meant getting there was a hassle, so he and his doctor decided to try Hizentra. Because of his activity level and low body fat, they decided on a frequent infusion schedule, resulting in less volume and shorter infusions. Anthony and his doctor chose prefilled syringes since they may make his self-infusion process more convenient.

Flexible infusion schedule chart

Dose: 6 g/30 mL

Infusion sites: 2

Time per infusion: ~38 minutes

Flexible infusion schedule chart

Rate of infusion and number of infusion sites in these hypothetical case studies are based on recommended rate and volume per site of subsequent infusions.

 Photos do not depict actual patients.

Convenient self‑infusions for PI

Convenient self‑infusions for PI

Eric & Daniel

  • Father and son from Pennsylvania
  • Daniel was diagnosed with PI at an early age
  • Enjoying the convenience of self-infusing
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