Proven to prevent CIDP relapse

Hizentra is the first subcutaneous immunoglobulin proven to prevent CIDP relapse.

People taking Hizentra:

  • Withdrew from the study or relapsed less often than those taking placebo
  • Maintained their grip strength, upper-body strength, and/or lower-body strength
Patient on CIDP - proven to prevent relapse

Real patient experience in CIDP

Real patient experience in CIDP


  • Diagnosed with CIDP after a year of symptoms
  • Started Hizentra after complications with IVIg
  • Enjoying more freedom and few systemic side effects
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Demonstrated Safety in CIDP Study

93% Hizentra infusions with no side effects

of Hizentra infusions were completed without any reported side effects

fewer systemic side effects

In a clinical trial, patients experienced fewer systemic side effects per infusion (like headache and nausea) with Hizentra than with IVIg

In clinical trials for Hizentra, the most common side effects were redness, swelling, itching, and/or bruising at the infusion site; headache; chest, joint or back pain; diarrhea; tiredness; cough; rash; itching; fever, nausea, and vomiting.


To connect with a patient advocate who can answer your non-medical questions about living with CIDP, call Hizentra ConnectSM at 1-877-355-4447 Mon–Fri, 8 AM–8 PM ET

Patient advocates are not healthcare professionals or medical experts. For medical questions, please contact your physician. Patient advocates are compensated by CSL Behring LLC. for their time and/or expenses.

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