Explore the many videos available, including real people with CIDP discussing their experiences, Hizentra treatment, and useful support services, as well as videos describing the self-infusion process.

Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) self-administration videos

Learn how to self-infuse with
Hizentra prefilled syringes

Learn how to self-infuse with Hizentra vials

Learn from real people who use Hizentra


Patti celebrates the empowerment and freedom she enjoys after switching to Hizentra prefilled syringes


Appolos explains switching from finding a vein to finding freedom with Hizentra


Elizabeth—a person with CIDP who is also a healthcare professional—shares her diagnosis and treatment journey

Learn more about CIDP from healthcare professionals

Dr. Allen offers a deeper dive into CIDP, and some of the treatment options available

Learn about the support available for Hizentra patients

The Copay Support Program helps eligible people with commercial insurance by assisting with out of pocket expenses for Hizentra. Most people with commercial insurance pay $0 out of pocket.

Here to help you get started: 1 month of free medicine, infusion equipment, and in-home nurse training

The Assurance program can help eligible patients continue to receive treatment even if they experience a lapse in third-party private health insurance

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