Flexibility for Your Patients With CIDP

With convenient weekly dosing, patients can fit Hizentra into their normal routine

Self-administration gives you and your CIDP patients the freedom to choose:

Patient routine icon

Your CIDP patient's routine

Infusion timing icon

How long the self-infusions take

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How much medicine is given per infusion

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How many infusion sites your patients use

Hizentra provides flexibility for a wide range of patient needs

Has venous access issues

Requires more frequent infusions

Seeks flexibility, freedom, and control

Hizentra Patient: Alice Alice 80-year-old female
165 lb (75 kg)

Why Hizentra?

  • She doesn't want to face difficulties of nurses finding a vein, nor does she want a port
  • Infusing at home is helpful, because she has a caregiver who can assist with the infusions
Hizentra venous access issues dosing calendar
Weekly dose: 15 g/75 mL
Rate of infusion: 30 mL/hr/site
Infusion sites: 2
Time per infusion: ~1 hour and 15 minutes
Hizentra Patient: Miguel Miguel 55-year-old male
176 lb (80 kg)

Why Hizentra?

  • Going to the IV clinic more often is a hassle– self-infusion at home would give him the freedom and flexibility he needs
  • More frequent infusions also mean less volume per infusion and he can infuse in about an hour
Hizentra frequent infusion dosing calendar
Weekly dose: 16 g/80 mL (2 sessions over 2 days)
Rate of infusion: 40 mL/hr/site
Infusion sites: 1
Time per infusion: ~1 hour
Hizentra Patient: Allison Allison 40-year-old female
154 lb (70 kg)

Why Hizentra?

  • She needs an infusion regimen that fits her busy work and home-life schedule
  • Self-infusion where and when she chooses lets her continue her day without infusion-appointment interruptions
Hizentra weekly dose calendar
Weekly dose: 14 g/70 mL
Rate of infusion: 45 mL/hr/site
Infusion sites: 2
Time per infusion: ~45 min

Recommended subcutaneous dose is 0.2 g/kg (1 mL/kg) body weight per week. In the clinical study, after transitioning from IVIg to Hizentra, 0.4 g/kg body weight per week was also safe and effective to prevent CIDP relapse.

In the PATH Study
Most CIDP patients reported Hizentra easy to use5

88% of patients reported Hizentra easy to use* pic chart
  • All patients or caregivers learned to effectively administer Hizentra on their own after 4 or fewer training sessions8
*Based on last postdose observation (n=154). Exploratory endpoint, captured with the TSQM (Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire for Medication, version 1.4) on a 7-point scale, ranging from extremely difficult to extremely easy. This set was dichotomized into "difficult" for the categories extremely difficult, very difficult, and difficult; and into "easy" for the categories somewhat easy, easy, very easy, and extremely easy.

Self-administration gives patients like James the freedom to infuse at a place and time convenient to them

Patient started Hizentra after years of every 28-day IVIg.

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