Administration options let you plan treatment around your patients’ lives

Once you’ve chosen dosing that fits your patient’s needs and preferences, it’s time to select administration options and initiate therapy.

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Insights from a CSL-sponsored Harris Poll survey*

Nearly half of IVIg patients surveyed were not satisfied with their ability to personalize Ig (46% not at all/not very satisfied)1

*Online survey of 103 US adults with CIDP who have ever received IVIg (n=56), SCIg in glass vials (n=34), and/or SCIg in prefilled syringes (n=53).

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Hizentra is:

  • A 20% immunoglobulin, half the volume of 10% IVIg
  • Infused in smaller doses more frequently than IVIg
  • Subcutaneous, so no need to find a vein
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Hizentra can be:

  • Conveniently self-administered, allowing patients to infuse at an appropriate place and time
  • Infused in a median time of ~1 hour per infusion
  • Adjusted to meet patient needs, with 2 safe and effective dosing options
Based on equivalent dosing in grams.
Hizentra may be administered in 1 or 2 infusions over 1 or 2 consecutive days. Infusion time may be shorter or longer depending on the dose and frequency prescribed.

Clinical challenges

View the patients below to learn how Hizentra addresses clinical challenges associated with IVIg

Benefits from consistent Ig levels

RichardAge 48 | 182 lb (83 kg)§

Hizentra Patient: Richard

Why Hizentra?

  • Fewer lifestyle disruptions, as greater consistency in serum IgG concentrations may reduce potential CIDP symptom return between infusions

Dose: 33 g/165 mL  |  Rate of infusion: 10 g/hr/site

Infusion sites: 4  |  Time per infusion: ~50 minutes

Based on a dose of 0.4 g/kg.

Experiences IV-related systemic ARs

JamesAge 45 | 210 lb (95 kg)§

Hizentra Patient: James

Why Hizentra?

  • Subcutaneous infusions have resulted in more consistent serum IgG levels and fewer systemic ARs per infusion than IVIg in clinical studies

Dose: 19 g/95 mL   |   Rate of infusion: 8 g/hr/site

Infusion sites: 2   |   Time per infusion: ~1 hour 11 minutes

Based on a dose of 0.2 g/kg.

Has venous access issues

AliceAge 80 | 165 lb (75 kg)§

Hizentra Patient: Alice

Why Hizentra?

  • Subcutaneous infusions do not require infusing into a vein or the hassle of installing and maintaining a port

Dose: 15 g/75 mL   |   Rate of infusion: 6 g/hr/site

Infusion sites: 2   |   Time per infusion: ~1 hour 15 minutes

Based on a dose of 0.2 g/kg.

Lifestyle burdens

View the patients below to learn how Hizentra addresses lifestyle burdens associated with IVIg

Requires more frequent IV infusions

MiguelAge 55 | 175 lb (80 kg)§

Hizentra Patient: Miguel

Why Hizentra?

  • Less volume per infusion means he can infuse in about an hour, and he prefers prefilled syringes because he has difficulty drawing from vials

Dose: 32 g/160 mL (2 sessions over 2 days)   |   Rate of infusion session: 8 g/hr/site

Infusion sites: 2   |   Time per infusion session: ~1 hour

Based on a dose of 0.4 g/kg.

Seeks freedom, flexibility, and control

AllisonAge 40 | 154 lb (70 kg)§

Hizentra Patient: Allison

Why Hizentra?

  • Self-infusion where and when she chooses, with ready-to-use prefilled syringes, lets her continue her day without infusion appointment interruptions

Dose: 28 g/140 mL   |   Rate of infusion: 9 g/hr/site

Infusion sites: 3   |   Time per infusion: ~1 hour

Based on a dose of 0.4 g/kg.

§Hypothetical case studies use recommended dose and labeled initial rate and volume per site, as well as up to the maximum number of infusion sites. Photos and case studies do not depict actual patients.


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Reference: 1. Data on File. Available from CSL Behring as DOF HIZ-014.
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