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Hizentra ConnectSM, offering comprehensive support from the start for CSL Behring’s immune globulin (Ig) therapies, is available to answer questions and provide the assistance you need.

Call 1-877-355-4447

Monday–Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM ET

4 steps to help your patients access Hizentra

step 1

Fill out the Prescription Referral Form and/or Free Trial Enrollment Form—and look up the Access and Billing Codes.

step 2

Fax the completed forms to Hizentra Connect to initiate a Benefits Investigation.

Fax 1-866-720-4373

step 3

Submit additional forms and documentation, if necessary, based on your patient’s needs.

step 4

Take advantage of a wide range of resources and training for you and your patients.

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